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The Evolution of the Number. Vol VIII

In 2019 Edition | 14.4.2019

We are programmed, and no matter how intelligent we consider our species to be, we are slaves to our Monkey Sapiens instinct, an instinct that so enjoys fooling around with the fatale, both on and off the screen. With more or less hair, better or worse adorned we are still monkeys locked in unique and exceptional cages, as Ignatius, that comedian who seems allergic to soap and is reminiscent of a monkey with two pistols said, “I’m a monkey with two pistols.” One of those pistols is loaded with love, like Cupid’s arrows, the other, with sharp bullets ready to fire and spread black smoke; in short, the good and the evil with which the monkey is supplied as standard. These two forces are in essence the protagonists of the audiovisual content provided by that black box to which we confess so much, that window in the wall of our rooms that guides us as Moses did shouting his head off from Mount Sinai.

Why talk about monkeys armed to the teeth and adorned to the ears? What can the theory of evolution bring to genre films? Quite a lot, if in an effort of imagination we try to apply the theory of evolution to the analysis of our beloved genre cinema, we discover that despite some inherited characteristics, the principle of change is the same, environmental; Geological changes, updated industrial strategies, food shortage, lack of original scripts, genetic fluid of different qualities, The Internet, the arrival of new species, transgenics, transgenders, artificial intelligence, HAL, Netflix, Donald Trump, Brexit and the changing tastes of an audience which has made the screen its new confessional.

The border between reality and fiction has blurred. We have replaced the photograph of the Holy Pontiff on the wall of our houses with the idiot box that, with its audio-visual verses, absolves us of our sins by making us accomplices in the crimes of others. That idiot box that according to many has evolved and has now become smarter and more realistic than ever, that box that has learned to walk, eat or even dream about us, that box of instructions that tells us how amazing the Monkey sapiens is , that box that for the modest price of € 36 a year once the free trial period has expired, connects us. Like Ignatius, I confess that I am a monkey with two pistols and I obediently pay attention to that box of light and shadow that provides me with empathy, instructions, peace and mercy.

On the 26th and 27th of July, the big screen will be in the street and, with Santa María Magdalena church as a witness, and a faithful audience, 18 short films will compete to take home the Maltese Falcon and there will also be live music and other surprises. Keep an eye on our program of events. Clear your schedule for a different plan in a unique town willing to continue thrilling its audience, a village that, like the Monkey sapiens, advances aware of the distance that still separates it from a better world.

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