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Is blood that in the dish? no! It’s beet Hummus!

In Previous Editions | 10.3.2015

It`s 21:30 and this is Bilbao April 30th. A city that still schedules interesting night events even if many are not given by aware. The local is the bar next to the Antzokia where Gojira, the new sensation of European metal are performing in about 30 minutes, highly recommended, not as much as Mikrofilm`s shortfilm dinner which promises to thrill to bits.

Until the concert starts and puffy-metals bit off The Organization makes sure that everything is well prepared; chairs in each table, four-legged chairs, firmly stretched screen, heavy well glued flap, and above all the organization puts to the test the numerical system designed by Gorostiza (also 2nd cheff in the kitchen) to play the videos, reducing the possibility of error to a minimum. By pressing key 1 the first short-film is projected, by pressing the 2…the second, with the 3… the third! not forgetting that before any key it`s number 4, the most important, since key number 4 has specifically been designed to drilled those with fish memory who still can`t remember our name: Mi.kro.fest, fuck no!! Mi.kroflin, double fuck!! Our first, second , last third name is MI.KRO.FILM, thank you.

The rest is history; dinner, Mass of Men, with Mikrofilm`s header ahead, more dinner, Dead Hours director Haritz Zubillaga included, more more dinner, Literally Néstor Fernández, dessert and the Cook who comes out with knife on fist to ensure that no one forgets to lick the fingers.

How to make a short film dinner party? First with Ivan, who not only cooks

deadly dishes but is also able to disguise its dishes of film noir , Ivan has earned Mikrofilm`s palate. Thank you Ivan for knowing so much!. Also we want to thank the bar and a big round of applause to those who have designed and organized the entire event, the Mikrofilm girls

PS ups! sorry, almost forgot the real protagonists of the dinner…

the Diners thanks!!


  • Hummus of beet with pita bread
  • Bloody mary of Chamomile with skewer of prawn
  • Cheese salad, fuffalo Escarole and dressing in black romescu
  • Rice with sepia
  • Carrillera of pork with potato and cabbage
  • Vanilla ice-cream with “petazetas” and frosted glass coca-cola vanilla ice-cream

Iván Abril

A year working as main Chef at Hong Kong´s restaurant MESA15. Three years in Barcelona as Chef assistant at Martín Berasategui´s Restaurant. He has worked at other renowned restaurants like Nobu, Alquimia, Comercs24…