An ongoing case

In Extra | 1.4.2019


Since Mikrofilm’s first edition the most common question we have been asked  has always been the same “What exactly is film noir?”  My most common answer to such a question is to mumble. challenege. I was determined to find a conclusive answer  to such a slippery  subject. The more I sniffed around noir the further away from an absolute truth and the further away from the truth, the longer the list of films, the greater my  curiousity, and so more films to watch! Finally, I found myself in a maze of mystery which seems to have nourished the genre…mystery.

The truth is that this journey, in search of the birth of the black label, has been, is and will remain for me an adventure; intense, entertaining, dramatic and terrifying… sooo terrific. My only conclusion so far is that film noir is a tone, a view that runs through almost the entire history of the cinema, from the first decade of cinema. My research indicates that film noir is elusive in nature, a label savoured by the most curious lovers of the unknown. In conclusion, there is no conclusion, what if there is a case unsettled, and so… a fifth edition of Mikrofilm in Plentzia.

On a site used as a location by the best of the genre, with the Church of the old town as a sentinal accomplice.  All events will be held outdoors and free with the exception of conferences/workshops. There will be mystery, humor…
Here is a list of film we suggest you watch.

The films are about  alcoholics, losers, femmes fatale, detectives, crazies, obsessed journalists, police officers, victims, gangsters, stupid men, smart women, the immoral and amoral, awkward plans, gamblers without luck, dreamers without dreams, loss of identity, memory, dangerous neighborhoods, blood tickets, foolish law, shadows, many shadows, wild, murderous cities… and real politicians. The corrupt kind.